Temporary Works Plan Drawings Before getting started with our large scale renovation work, we create a masterplan for our clients explaining the whole construction procedure. This includes location of temporary facilities and traffic control among others.

Temporary Facilities of Scaffolding Design We also create drawings representing the scope of steel scaffolding installation that will be needed for the whole repair works. This includes additional scaffolding design details such as stairs, wall connection and frame spot details.

Exterior Wall Diagnosis・Repair Work Encoding Our experienced technical staff will then examine current exterior wall conditions. Based on these findings, we will then use a CAD software to encode the data on repair work drawings. These data will be summarized in a tabulation sheet.

3D Building Estimation By using a CAD software to create a 3D model of a building, measurement accuracy improves, resulting in a more reliable estimation of quantities.

Color Simulation By performing color simulation to an existing building, it will be easier for our clients to have an image of how the newly renovated building will look like.


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